Little Monster

Pennywise “Penny” Rhodes || Penemuel || Fallen (Triggered) || Seal ||23|| Can find her targets worst fears and either calm them or force them to relive them over and over. She cannot forget the fears she’s seen.|| Hello I'm Penny, I don't really get out as much as I used to, so you might know my brother Donny more than me. I had an accident and it fucked me up. Don't think I'll be fixed. I'm the girl everyone in town believes is fucking crazy. It's not true. Well it is but it isn't. We'll all understand soon. I was once the angel of fear....Now I'm a half crazy girl with an angel for an ex boyfriend

Melodies To Put My Mind At Ease


[takes a drag] I found something. 

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    [smiles and sticks his tongue out] You started it!